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Business Level Metrics

IT and Contact Center operations share an environment where performance is measured in technical terms. While this level of metrics satisfies technical stakeholders, business stakeholders need a higher, business-relevant view of what’s going on. PureShare transforms technical metrics into perspectives that are business-oriented and aligned with business stakeholders’ goals. Get ‘in the loop’ and showcase the business value of IT and Contact Center operations with business value metrics, the only language business stakeholders understand.

The Metrics Catalog

PureShare offers a radically new way to design, organize and manage metrics with a unique catalog-based approach. The Metrics Catalog accelerates your path towards a higher level of metrics maturity where increasingly sophisticated metrics can be introduced with no programming. This helps organizations gain maximum levels of efficiency, optimization and ultimately customer satisfaction - all by delivering the right metrics to the right people at the right time!

Real-time Metrics

Looking for the next leap in organizational performance? PureShare transforms feeds from real-time data sources such as IT and Contact Center systems into real-time business views that empower you to take action and impact business outcomes. With PureShare real-time metrics, you can get aligned with your business stakeholders and drive towards business objectives together!

Metrics Anytime, Anywhere

Accessing you metrics should be as easy as checking the time. PureShare leverages HTML5 technology and Responsive design to make your metrics applications accessible anytime, anywhere and over any device. PureShare employs best practices in data visualization to make interpretation of metrics as effortless as it should be. Publish metrics over the web, mobile devices, portals, videowalls, readerboards, ticker displays and more!

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