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At PureShare®, our goal is to enable organizations to bypass the protracted cycle of requesting, reading, analysing and summarizing reports. We are pioneering a shift from the traditional reporting paradigm to the “answers-on-demand” management model.

Our Vision – is a world in which people do not need reports. The need for reports is eliminated through direct access to answers about the business.

Our Mission – is to develop software-based metrics management tools that managers, directors, VPs and staff use everyday to gain direct access to answers, thus eliminating the need for traditional reports.

Based on the PureShare approach, organizations are empowered to work toward Management Through Metrics™ – the pro-active management of a business or organization based on common understandings of accurate information.

Transforming the Business with Answers

Whatever stage an organization is at today, PureShare helps to plan and implement operational metrics strategies that are the basis of the shift toward Management Through Metrics and an Answers paradigm. Our goal is to help organizations shift from reactive modes of playing “catch-up” with after-the-fact reports, to pro-active management based on current, meaningful, contextual summaries of any aspect of real-time business performance.

We help organizations through these steps:

  1. Automate the collection and rollup of business data;
  2. Establish and stay abreast of core business metrics; then,
  3. Evolve to pro-actively monitor key results areas.

In many cases, PureShare provides industry-specific templates and best practices to get started. Our products work with any existing combination of data systems and spreadsheets, and can access data from literally any informational source, far beyond simply databases and spreadsheets. With PureShare, organizations can embark on their journey to Management Through Metrics quickly and without disruption to existing investments.

Core Principles

PureShare’s approach is based on three core principles:

  1. Automation – automated data collection from any sources to deliver a complete view of the business.
  2. Visualization – results presented in meaningful, graphical context to provide a clear picture of what is going on in the business right now.
  3. Focus – empowering all users to target high-impact areas and meet organizational goals.

All of our frameworks and metrics applications are designed to deliver on these principles, facilitating true 360-degree communication on the part of managers and dramatically transforming how a business communicates.

Talk to Us!

PureShare has a long and proven track record helping organizations with effective business performance metrics strategies, and we’re happy to share our expertise and experience. If you’d like to evolve towards Metrics Management, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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