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A collection of white papers pertaining to the use and benefits of IT metrics dashboards, metrics management software, insurance metrics dashboards, claims management metrics and executive dashboards. Click on the download buttons to obtain these white papers from PureShare®.

Executive Briefings for IT Leaders: Showcasing Value

Author: PureShare       Length: 8 pages      File Type: pdf PDF
The techniques outlined in this whitepaper will help you directly influence the leadership of your organization through effective executive briefings. Explore different types of briefings and learn how to leverage them in every situation so stakeholders can get to the answers they need quickly and effortlessly. Learn the best way to select metrics, highlight strategic insights and leverage best practices in visualization – while avoiding the pitfalls of traditional dashboard and reporting tools. Download this whitepaper and get a jump on what IT leadership needs – truly effective executive briefing.


Real-time Metrics ROI: A Whitepaper on the Benefits of Real-time Metrics

Author: PureShare      Length: 6 pages      File Type: pdf PDF
Huge business benefits can be quickly gained with this unique approach to real-time metrics and performance management. A twenty percent improvement in performance overall is typically achievable with the targeted implementation of consolidated, real-time metrics management capabilities. This and other related benefits as described in the following paper can provide significant and positive impact to your business.