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Customer Stories

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How 1,000 work hours a month became a single click

  Author: PureShare    Type: Telecom    File Type: Web

See how a global telecom provider is now achieving unprecedented improvement in operations performance as a result of leveraging real-time metrics automation by PureShare.

Fleet Customer Case Study

  Author: PureShare    Type: Manufacturer    File Type: pdf PDF

The fleet organization of this large consumer packaged goods organization is using PureShare™ ActiveMetrics® to ensure preventative maintenance compliance. This case study describes how fleet managers are using the application to change behaviors and motivate staff - and how ActiveMetrics has had a direct and measurable impact on performance.

Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI)

Author: Mary Stewart, PERI Type: Public Entity File Type: pdf PDF

PERI serves as a resource to public entities, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations, PERI provides relevant and high quality enterprise risk management information, training, data, and data analysis. Using PureShare ActiveMetrics to deliver benchmarking
information to users, PERI has developed the PERI Data Exchange, a tool to provide statistical claim comparisons among different types of governments and against specific governmental functions.

This story, written by PERI's Mary Stewart, Director, Research and Development, describes the initiative and how PureShare contributes.

Mobile Knowledge Corporation

  Author: PureShare    Type: Manufacturer    File Type: pdf PDF

MKC is a manufacturer of dispatch technologies for the For Hire market (such as taxi-cab and para-transpo services). This case study details how the company is using PureShare ActiveMetrics to run its business, including speeding up the financial close process, better projecting revenues, and creating greater fiscal responsibility throughout the organization.