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PureShare BrochuresIT Application Brochures

PureShare IT Metrics
Product brief on automated, consolidated and best-practice metrics for IT operations.

PureShare Contact Center Metrics
Product Brief describing how PureShare automates and consolides performance metrics from contact center operations.

PureShare DCIM
Application note on Data Center Infrastructure Management Metrics – Overview of an end-to-end metrics management solution for DCIM.

Integrated Vendor Product Briefs

PureShare & ServiceNow Integration
Supercharge ServiceNow with limitless metrics capabilities.

PureShare & BMC Integration
Consolidated & Automated Real-time Metrics Dashboards for BMC

PureShare & Avaya Integration
Advanced real-time Metrics Management for Avaya, right out-of-the-box!

PureShare & ManageEngine Integration
Consolidated, Mobile and Executive Metrics for MSP’s and the Enterprise.