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Bring Business Meaning to IT Metrics

Business Value Dashboards (BVDs) are the missing piece in building a common language that both IT and the business can understand. PureShare fills the gap by providing a turnkey solution for transforming operations metrics into business value metrics.

PureShare helps people understand the value of IT by:

  • Transforming IT operations/technical metrics into highly summarized, business-centric views.
  • Utilizing our powerful Metrics Catalog to captures all metrics definitions and attributes with no programming.
  • Delivering top-to-bottom organizational transparency.

Performance Metrics Software

Transform Technical to Business

PureShare BVD is an enterprise software product that answers the need to publish business-oriented views of IT performance to business stakeholders. PureShare BVD merges business dimensions with technical and IT operations information to create Business Value Dashboards (BVDs).

PureShare BVD automatically merges business data such as organizational hierarchies, locations, financials and customer-specific information with metrics from technical and IT operations-oriented systems and tools. A powerful Metrics Catalog simplifies administration and management of tailored business metrics with no programming.

Well proven in large IT environments, PureShare BVD brings meaning to IT metrics- PureShare BVD is Business Value Delivered!

How it Works

Performance Metrics Software


  • Automatically consolidate real-time metrics from cloud-based and on-premise ITSM and DCIM products, systems and network management tools, Contact Center ACDs, event management platforms, discovery, capacity/availability, project/HR management, IP Telephony, Security Management systems and more.
  • Manage consolidated, contextual and business views of metrics with a robust, catalog-based approach and NO programming.
  • Create and publish formula-based metrics from existing automated metrics - merge business parameters with operations metrics to gain business-value metrics - the language that business understands. Showcase IT's value effortlessly and accurately.
  • Manage and publish dashboards in executive and BYOD environments. Views may be published on mobile devices, browsers, video wallboards, readerboards, maps and portal technologies.
  • Publish tailored, customer-specific views with business-context. Well-proven in large organizations including Managed Services Providers (MSPs), Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs), Shared Services and Chargeback/Transfer-pricing initiatives, PureShare delivers customer-specific views of business value and operations performance in real-time - geared to address customer-unique needs for business perspectives and transparency in performance.

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