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PureShare® ActiveMetrics® performance metrics software is a day-to-day management tool. It eliminates the need for managing and generating manual reports by providing direct access to performance metrics, business metrics and reporting metrics.

ActiveMetrics does the work to give executives, managers and staff the answers they need – clearly displayed, anytime, anywhere – to proactively monitor business metrics and drive results.

ActiveMetrics is the most flexible, adaptable and extensible software to collect business information from anywhere and transform it into operational metrics. It is:

  • Always on, improving operational and business efficiency and significantly reducing costs over traditional reporting
  • Automated, bypassing the protracted cycle of requesting, reading, analysing and summarizing reports
  • Efficient, providing metrics that are timely, contextual and actionable

ActiveMetrics implementations at Global 1000, mid-size organizations and public entities in a range of industry sectors have helped drive results and deliver immediate and long-term cost savings for many companies.

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