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Expands offerings in IT Infrastructure Operations and Management with Business Value Dashboards

Clear Lake, Iowa – December 1, 2015TeamQuest, a global leader in IT capacity planning and management, today announced the acquisition of PureShare, a leading provider of business value dashboards. The acquisition will enable IT organizations to predict the health and risk of their operations while providing IT and business leadership with actionable information they need to make informed decisions.

Integrating TeamQuest and PureShare capabilities provides a complete solution that immediately enables users to elevate IT maturity and optimize infrastructure based on the business value it delivers. Different stakeholders gain a view into IT in a language that makes sense to them – detailed technical metrics for operations, dynamic views of service status for managers, and alignment of IT investments and business objectives for business leaders.

“The market has been asking for these capabilities,” said TeamQuest President and CEO Paul Hesser. "Our customers tell us they need a solution that not only allows IT to align to the business but integrate with the business. We’re leading the way in delivering on this potential,” said Hesser. "The evolution of capacity management software has taken a groundbreaking step forward.”

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TeamQuest is the global leader in IT Capacity Planning & Management, delivering automated, comprehensive and real-time performance analysis covering everything from apps to servers to storage. TeamQuest software enables organizations to accurately analyze, predict, manage and measure the performance of highly dynamic, multi-vendor environments. Enterprises around the world trust TeamQuest solutions to proactively improve latency, mitigate financial risk, and reduce cost. For more information, please visit

About PureShare

PureShare is an end-to-end metrics management solution that delivers consolidated views of I&O performance from data anywhere. PureShare delivers top-to-bottom organizational transparency and satisfies unique metrics needs of operations, customer and executive stakeholders. With a comprehensive Metrics Catalog, PureShare transforms operations-level performance metrics into business-value metrics in real-time. PureShare = Business Value Delivered!