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PureShare is proud to announce that it recently won a bid for providing global metrics and reporting for Rabigh Phase II petrochemical project, the second phase of the world’s largest petrochemical project to date. Located in Rabigh on the West coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Petro-Rabigh project is a petrochemical refinery project covering an area of 12 square kilometers (5 square miles). The Petro-Rabigh project is a joint partnership between Sumitomo Chemical and Saudi Arabia Oil Company, also known as Saudi Aramco. This seventeen billion dollar ($17B USD) project involves numerous EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractors globally and is the world’s most ambitious, complex and highly-valued petrochemical project to-date.

PureShare Metrics for EPC

PureShare was selected to provide the global infrastructure needed to automate and consolidate project metrics across all phases of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction). Accessed from tablets, smartphones and browsers, PureShare provides all project stakeholders with unprecedented visibility into all aspects of EPC performance.

How we did it

With PureShare, key metrics around project progress, financials, quality, safety and other project execution parameters are automatically consolidated from many data sources and made readily accessible to all stakeholders from executives to persons-in-charge. This level of transparency across this large scale of project organization is being viewed as ‘revolutionary’, particularly in the petrochemical industry where project and operations data is traditionally siloed within isolated systems owned by each of the many departments involved.

Pit against a number of big-brand Business Intelligence, Analytics and Data Visualization vendors, PureShare was singled out as the only vendor that could satisfy end-to-end metrics management needs for project stakeholders globally. PureShare’s catalog-based approach to metrics enables ‘business-value’ metrics to be formulated on-the-fly from any combination of more detail-oriented, operationally-focused metrics. With a host of visualization capabilities to match, PureShare translates detailed, operationally focused metrics into business perspectives and strategic insights in real-time. PureShare’s catalog-based approach ensures the metrics management framework remains optimally tuned to rapidly evolving metrics management needs with minimal administration. Slated for completion in 2015, PureShare is proud to be part of the Rabigh Phase II project- a showcase of advanced metrics management in the industry.

About PureShare

Established in 2001, PureShare is an enterprise software company focused on metrics automation and visualization. PureShare automates the consolidation of metrics from disparate systems and data sources to provide stakeholders, customers, executives, managers and staff with direct access to ‘answers’ in real-time. PureShare publishes Business Value Dashboards as well as secure views of operations performance over browsers, portals, readerboards, videowalls and mobile devices. With PureShare, organizations quickly gain strategic alignment, operational efficiencies and top-to-bottom transparency.

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