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About Dashboard Attributes

ActiveMetrics dashboards use attributes. Dashboard attributes word like global variables and can be used anywhere in a dashboard (including the Display Metrics) after their declaration.

Dashboards use a small number of reserved attributes. The table below lists the reserved dashboard attributes.



Possible Values


Default skin to use for the dashboard

Name of skins


Variable used to set the number of seconds before an automatic page refresh

An integer


Using Dashboard Attributes

Dashboard attributes must be declared in the dashboard HTML. a good practice is to declare all attributes at the top of the dashboard template, immediately below the <HTML> tag.

Once they are declared they can be used as variables in individual Display Metrics fields, or directly in the dashboard HTML, as required.

Below are some sample dashboard attribute declarations . The first two attributes (a_defaultskin and a_refreshtime) are reserved attributes. The others are examples of possible user defined attributes.

<DASH_ATTRIB name="a_defaultskin" value="Steel">

<DASH_ATTRIB name="a_refreshtime" value="120">

<DASH_ATTRIB name="a_myattribute" value="42">

<DASH_ATTRIB name="a_dashboardtitle" value="ActiveMetrics Template v1.3">

<DASH_ATTRIB name="a_sample_keyword" value="Keyword">

<DASH_ATTRIB name="a_sample_constant" value="60">

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