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PureShare Receives Highest Product Scores in Gartner Business Value Dashboard Report

Gartner has a long history in creating terms to describe trends, best practices and emerging technologies in the IT industry. A few Gartner examples are 'Hype Cycle', 'MQ', 'ITOM', 'ValueOps' and my favorite, 'the trough of disillusionment'. One of the more recent terms Gartner has put out is IOBVD, which is an acronym for Infrastructure and Operations Business Value Dashboard. IOBVDs differ from traditional executive dashboards in that their purpose is to present performance ... Read more

IT Metrics -Tech Trends in Monitoring

The following is an excerpt from an article Rich Razon wrote on IT Metrics, Systems Management Metrics and Tech Trends in Monitoring- published in the May 2013 edition of SupportWorld. Now more than ever, IT has to keep up with a rapidly changing landscape that includes consumerization, BYOD, convergence, virtualization, security and a multitude of other management challenges. This is pushing the evolution of monitoring tools and their reporting systems to keep up with the ... Read more