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Press Release: TeamQuest Announces Acquisition of PureShare

Clear Lake, Iowa – December 1, 2015TeamQuest, a global leader in IT capacity planning and management, today announced the acquisition of PureShare, a leading provider of business value dashboards. The acquisition will enable IT organizations to predict the health and risk of their operations while providing IT and business leadership with actionable information they need to make informed decisions. Read more

PureShare Acquired By TeamQuest

PureShare is excited to announce its acquisition by TeamQuest, a leading provider of IT service optimization software. With TeamQuest, we bring an unprecedented value to the modern enterprise that could change the role of IT in business.

TeamQuest announced its acquisition of PureShare at the Gartner Data Center events in London and Las Vegas this month, and we couldn’t be more excited to team up with this innovative leader. Read more

Contact Center Metrics: Moving from Dashboards to a Metrics Management Strategy

There are a number of dashboard vendors that offer contact center reports and dashboard applications. From simple out-of-the-box desktop tools to specialized, enterprise-grade tools. These tools typically have feature lists that overlap to the point of being overwhelmingly confusing, especially to the contact center manager looking for the right dashboard tool. Contact center stakeholders start the search for dashboards because they see that as the end goal. In reality, the search should be towards developing ... Read more

Manual Reporting vs. Automated Metrics

Well here it is, what we’ve all been waiting for, the showdown between old and new, technology vs. manual, robots vs. humans! Ok, maybe I went too far with that. The topic is not about destruction at the hands of the robot overlords, but more about ways to obtain greater business efficiency and visibility with metrics automation. It is always surprising how many organizations are still using manual reporting on a daily basis especially when ... Read more

How to Keep Your Business Dashboards Fresh

We all know that business dashboards are the coolest thing since sliced bread, but what happens when they start to lose their shine? What happens when the metrics they are displaying become less relevant and useful? Past their prime you might say. Do you find that you and your team aren’t visiting your once trusty dashboard quite as often as before or worse, not at all? Well it’s probably a case of “metrics decay”. ... Read more

Contact Center Metrics – An Overview

Originally published by Penny Reynolds of the Call Center School, this guide lists the top 20 Contact Center metrics by the following stakeholder groups: Customers, Executives and Staff. While the list is useful to know, it is a challenge to implement a real-time metrics strategy that addresses the varied metrics needs of multiple types of stakeholders, particularly executives and customers. Several of the metrics in this list are derived by combining other metrics to obtain ... Read more

Press Release: PureShare Scores Highest in Gartner Business Value Dashboard Report for IOBVD

Ottawa, ON, May 16, 2014 – PureShare® announced that its MetricsBridge product received the highest product scores from Gartner, Inc. in its evaluation of tools covering Critical Capabilities for Infrastructure and Operations Business Value Dashboards (IOBVD). Gartner Inc., the leading provider of research and analysis on the global information technology industry, recently published a report on vendor tools that quantify the value that IT I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) contributes to business performance. Capabilities identified as critical towards ... Read more

PureShare Receives Highest Product Scores in Gartner Business Value Dashboard Report

Gartner has a long history in creating terms to describe trends, best practices and emerging technologies in the IT industry. A few Gartner examples are 'Hype Cycle', 'MQ', 'ITOM', 'ValueOps' and my favorite, 'the trough of disillusionment'. One of the more recent terms Gartner has put out is IOBVD, which is an acronym for Infrastructure and Operations Business Value Dashboard. IOBVDs differ from traditional executive dashboards in that their purpose is to present performance ... Read more

PureShare Releases CCM2 Contact Center Metrics for Executives

PureShare CCM2 transforms operations metrics into business-value dashboards for executive and customer stakeholders. With personalized, mobile-enabled views of performance, business stakeholders can now make decisions to optimize contact center performance outcomes in realtime. Ottawa, ON, April 30, 2014 - PureShare® announces the release of Contact Center Metrics 2 (CCM2), a revolutionary metrics management solution for Avaya equipped contact centers. CCM2 delivers business value metrics to executives and customer stakeholders by merging operational metrics from Avaya ACDs and data ... Read more

PureShare Metrics Power the Worlds Largest Petrochemical Project

PureShare is proud to announce that it recently won a bid for providing global metrics and reporting for Rabigh Phase II petrochemical project, the second phase of the world's largest petrochemical project to date. Located in Rabigh on the West coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Petro-Rabigh project is a petrochemical refinery project covering an area of 12 square kilometers (5 square miles). The Petro-Rabigh project is a joint partnership between Sumitomo ... Read more

IT Metrics -Tech Trends in Monitoring

The following is an excerpt from an article Rich Razon wrote on IT Metrics, Systems Management Metrics and Tech Trends in Monitoring- published in the May 2013 edition of SupportWorld. Now more than ever, IT has to keep up with a rapidly changing landscape that includes consumerization, BYOD, convergence, virtualization, security and a multitude of other management challenges. This is pushing the evolution of monitoring tools and their reporting systems to keep up with the ... Read more

How 1,000 work hours a month became a single click

Background: A global telecom provider is now achieving unprecedented improvement in operations performance as a result of leveraging real-time metrics automation by PureShare. Prior to PureShare, operations reporting was managed by six report analysts, each responsible for the collection and consolidation of performance metrics from various management systems including systems management tools, multiple service desks and several contact centers. The work was manually intensive and required interaction between the report analysts to deliver a snapshot of ... Read more